The 5 best home safes of 2022

2022-03-26 07:20:27 By : Ms. Heny pei

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What makes a house a home? The feeling of being safe.

Speaking of, having a safe at home isn’t a bad idea, making sure items that mean the most to you are securely locked away and always where you left them.

A safe or lockbox is great for those that own valuables that they want to keep tucked away, such as jewelry, family heirlooms or even important documents like passports and birth certificates. Furthermore, should you choose to legally own any firearms or other weapons, having a safe far away from the kids, pets and guests may be the safest way to store those items.

You don’t need to be in a spy movie to own a safe, either. They are actually pretty accessible, sold on Amazon for a super easy purchase, start to finish. We rounded up some of the top-rated lockboxes and safes, looking at specs like size, durability, key entry verses a code and even if which are fire and weather-proof.

Read on for our list and then gather your valuables and create a passcode you won’t forget.

Okay this one looks basic but the biometric fingerprint reader begs to differ. This safe is an Amazon Basics brand and a bestseller, too. It comes in a range of sizes and specs, with your choice of a fingerprint lock or a keypad.

For those that like to store documents and paperwork in a safe, this one is the perfect size and shape. It is also affordable at under $100, and is both fire and water-proof should anything happen. Plus, with over 7,000 ratings on Amazon, it seems like a safe bet — pun intended.

Should you choose to legally own a gun, be responsible and keep it in a safe and secure lock box. This one is an Amazon Choice pick, with over 10,000 ratings on the site and a 4.7 star rating out of five. It comes with fingerprint identification and has an LED light inside of the alloy steel frame.

For on-the-go security, try this affordable and portable option. Made by Master Lock, this case lets you set your own combination and then fill with your valuables. It has a shock-proof lining and is even waterproof as well.

This is another classic option, to be stored under a desk or even anchored to a wall or cabinet. The box comes in an array of sizes to fit your needs, each with a keypad lock and an LED light that turns on upon opening.

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