Bachelorette Alum Grant Kemp Is Engaged to Chloe Metcalfe

2022-09-09 23:59:06 By : Mr. Victory Group

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Grant Kemp is concluding his love story off-screen.

The former Bachelorette contestant, who previously competed for JoJo Fletcher's heart, is engaged to girlfriend Chloe Metcalfe. The romantic proposal took place in Santorini, Greece.

Kemp, 33, exclusively tells PEOPLE that the proposal was "a few months" in the making.

"I actually originally was taking her there for a birthday gift and her birthday was in July, but we decided to go in late August just because, you know, with our schedules, it worked out easier that way. So it was already planned, but I kind of wanted to throw her off a little bit by saying it was a birthday trip and then doing it there so it wasn't as expected," he explains.

"It was the last night that we were in Greece. We were in Santorini and we were planning on going to a sunset dinner and everything like that," he continues. "So that day I took her out on a yacht for the day, because it was the last day. And then we were supposed to go out to a nice dinner, but the [engagement] photo shoot was the main focus because we have sunset and everything like that. So after the photo shoot and everything like that, and after I proposed, we were both super tired and we just ended up ordering pizza! We were supposed to go to a nice restaurant, but we ate pizza and watched 90 Day Fiancé."

Kemp was "very confident that she was going to say yes," though he admits his "main concern was just figuring out how to make sure we got pictures of it, making sure there wasn't 200 people in the background."

One other thing Kemp was "stressed" about was bringing the diamond sparkler overseas.

"I have it in my carry-on. It's a black box within another black box. And I'm like, 'If they search my f------ bag right now, I'm gonna be so pissed,' because she's gonna walk up to the thing with me. She's not gonna just leave, right?" he says. "And then the whole thing is gonna be blown and it's gonna be like, 'What are you hiding? What's your problem?' Luckily everything went through."

Metcalfe, in fact, thinks Kemp "killed it," but she "kind of almost had a feeling it was gonna happen."

"We talked about it all the time and obviously, we were going to Greece," the model explains to PEOPLE. "So I was like, if he doesn't do this in Greece, I'd be like, when would be a better time? So I'm really glad it went the way that it did."

She continues, "He definitely threw me off a little bit because like, the shoot was almost over and he still hadn't done it. And I was like, 'Is this happening?' But no, he surprised me at the end and it was really good."

As for surprising her with the ring of her dreams, Metcalfe also thinks Kemp "nailed it" in that department as well.

"I basically told him I wanted a nice band with a big old rock on it, and I didn't really care about what shape it was or anything like that," she says. "I just wanted it to be a statement, and he definitely got the right ring. I love it. It's beautiful. It's white gold, and it has little diamonds on the side of the band and then it has a big, round stone. It's heavy! I'm not used to wearing any nice jewelry, so I'm constantly just looking at it like, making sure it's still there."

Kemp gained recognition competing for Fletcher's heart on the show's 12th season airing in 2016. Fletcher, 31, ultimately eliminated Kemp in week five before choosing her now-husband Jordan Rodgers, who she wed in May at the Sunstone Winery in Santa Ynez, California.

Kemp, meanwhile, later appeared on Bachelor in Paradise's third season airing in 2016. He found love with fellow contestant Lace Morris and proposed to her in the finale episode. After two months, they ended their engagement in November 2016.

The musician's luck in love eventually turned upon meeting Metcalfe in early April.

"We met at one of my friend's music video shoots, and it was funny because he had already invited me to the shoot, but he's also friends with her and he had put her in charge of inviting people," Kemp recalls of their first meeting. "There was a scene in the video shoot that was supposed to be like a party scene. So obviously you need to get some people there, right? So [Metcalfe] sent me the flyer that he had made to do this video shoot, to invite people and just said 'For Taylor's video shoot,' and said nothing else. The fact that we had been watching each other's stories and we had mutual friends, I had a feeling that she had typed up a paragraph to slide into my DMs and say 'Hi,' but then panicked and just said, 'For Taylor's video shoot.'"

Kemp adds: "I called her out about it, like, a month into our relationship and she totally admitted that that was one hundred percent true, and that she just didn't know how to slide into my DMs. So she just sent the flyer so that she could meet me, which I thought was actually adorable."

From there, things progressed very quickly between the two.

"We have a house in L.A. now that we've moved into," he explains. "We started hanging out immediately after [the video shoot] and I didn't spend another night at my house after that."

"It's like, if you know you want to do it, you might as well just do it because what's holding you back?" he adds.

When it comes to preparing for their future wedding, Kemp says they're "definitely gonna do it in L.A." He also plans to let Metcalfe do "90 percent of the planning."

"We wanna do it within like a year," he shares. "I'm trying to buy another investment property relatively soon. So hopefully if everything goes well with that and we get the right one and everything's worked out with that, that's obviously [the] first priority and then we can get the wedding done after that. But yeah, we want to do it in like a year. We want to have a location that's easy for friends and family to get to. Like, we're not gonna be annoying [and] be like, 'Oh, we're getting married in Phuket.'"

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As for what's to come for the couple post-wedding, Kemp says they both hope to start a family together someday.

"We definitely want to have kids at some point. Probably within the next like five years, four years, I would say, if that makes sense," he adds. "But it's just about kind of lining everything up."