15 college dorm room decor finds for every college student

2022-09-24 00:21:38 By : Ms. Sales Manager

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For the college student living in a dorm, below are decor ideas to spruce up small spaces.

Ahead, a mix of monogrammed products, practical buys and other accessory ideas.

Here's to infusing fun and function into a home away from home.


Grab this on poolcandy.com or on Amazon.

The portable, easy-to-inflate chair is also 100% waterproof so they can bring it outdoors if they decide to do some al fresco studying. 


The Galaxy chair (pictured above) is illuminated with color-changing LED lights, but shoppers can choose from a variety of colors and patterns. The firmness of this chair can be controlled by adjusting the air pressure to the perfect level.

Upgrade her jewelry box and gift her flowers in one fell swoop. 

The functional piece includes beautifully preserved roses and a jewelry box tray drawer. To make it more personal, customize this arrangement by selecting which color roses you want. 


And forget tossing the flowers at the end of the week: Rose Box NYC’s preserved blooms last the whole year, or even longer when cared for properly.

Along with flowers, plants can be a parting gift for the special student in your life. These plants are also easy-to-care for when one has a busy college schedule, and adds a pop of color to shelves or tabletops. 

Some picks: The Tough Stuff Collection ($69), Mini Money Tree ($49), Silver Pothos ($49), Philodendron Heartleaf ($39) and Red Prayer Plant ($39). 

Dorm rooms may be low on space, but these compact treehouses are the perfect decor element to add to these small abodes. 

The DIY wooden model kits can be a fun project for crafty types and they all come with LED lights for a nice glow. Suggestion: Pair with a Bloomscape plant.

Available on trueuphanging.com and on Amazon, this product helps students decorate their walls sans hammer and nails. 

They’ll be able to move their art and framed photos around their walls without causing dents or scratches, and the patented heavy-duty adhesive strips can be easily removed and reused as desired.

Laundry time looks a bit more stylish with this canvas laundry duffle that can be personalized with a name or monogram. 

It's said to be durable and is available in a host of colors. The carrying handles also make it a breeze to carry down to the laundry room — or pack up and bring home.

This Amazon find from Haus and Hues, a small wall art business based out of the Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Florida, has gone viral on social media several times.

They're visually appealing, fun to create, and available in 10 different themes.

One of the easiest ways to jazz up dorm room decor is with a throw pillow or two.

 This round velvet pillow comes in blue, gree, or pink. Bonus: If a student has guests in their room, it can be used as a floor cushion for additional seating.

This bigger-than-a-king-sized blanket is 10' x 10' and can be used as a throw blanket for lazing in a room or bringing on a camping trip with friends.

It's made from a specially formulated blend of polyester and spandex with temperature-regulating fabric to keep people comfy.

Or, if your college student needs the perfect duvet cover that isn’t larger-than-life but fits their Twin or Twin XL bed, try this two-toned cover made from 100% extra-long staple cotton with a 400-thread-count. 

The duvet comes with an accent strip, four interior corner ties and a hidden zipper that eliminates buttons or ribbon ties for a neat appearance after the bed is made.

This eye-catching wallpaper is available in pink (pictured above) and a neutral gray design. It’s reportedly easy to apply (just peel it from the backing and stick it on the wall as the name implies) and removes cleanly without leaving any marks on the wall.

Air purifiers may be the new lava lamps. 

This Amazon's Choice product comes in gray or white and promises clean air thanks to a HEPA filter capturing air pollutants and patented PureDirect™ technology. The tech has bidirectional airflow emitting purified air more effectively throughout a room.


The Z-1000 is ideal for smaller spaces, producing full-room air change up to 443 sq. ft. per hour but if your child is living in a house or bigger room, larger sizes are also available. 

Add some cheer to a dorm room with these signs and banners handcrafted by artisans in Kenya and Ethiopia. 

Some deigns include: "You Are My Sunshine," ($30), "Be Kind," ($12), "Dolly Is My Spirit Animal" ($30), "Dance It Out," ($12) and "It’s Okay, I’m Okay" ($30), but feel free to browse their collection until you find the phrase that speaks to you.

You can feel good about your purchase from Imani Collective, too: What began as a non-profit organization is now a for-profit business that works alongside its non-profit foundation to employ artisans through dignified work in their communities.

For the globetrotting teen or young adult, this customizable map with countries, province, and states (available in English and French; detailed and not, on canvas, foam board and poster), may be a great dorm room display piece. 

You can personalize it with their name or a quote.

Every student needs a place to put their to-do list, and perhaps keep a few inspirational quotes and photos of loved ones on display.

This memo board has four different sections: a dry-erase board, cork board, chalk board and linen pushpin board. The cork section can be laser-engraved with four lines of text for personalization.